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Tahoe Kitchen Company can only service cooking classes in Colorado currently.  Book a class through our website and get a discounted pricing!

What To Expect

Imagine sitting around your counter with some of your best friends drinking wine and laughing.  That’s a tiny taste of what our in-home cooking classes are like.  When we arrive at your home, we take care of everything.  We will teach you and your friends how to create a mouthwatering meal, a side, and a salad.  We then take everyone through a tasting of our Greek olive oils, then allow everyone to eat and enjoy one another’s company.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn Knife Skills
  • Learn the differences between authentic olive oils and cut oils
  • Each class is customizable to your dietary restrictions.

About Our Olive Oils

Most olive oils sold in the United States are a blend of various oil grades (sometimes not even olive oil but rather canola oils, vegetable oils, soybean oils, etc.) and sometimes you can tell because the bottle label may list multiple countries on the back. Did you know that even though a bottle may say extra virgin olive oil, only a portion of its contents may be extra virgin olive oil? This has to do with the poor regulation policies, which do not dictate that 100% of the bottle’s contents need to be extra virgin olive oil. Laconiko is 100% extra virgin olive oil.

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