Bringing Unique Kitchen Products
To Our Customers Homes 

Since 2009, Tahoe Kitchen Company has specialized in finding high quality kitchen products that aren’t mass marketed; and where better to start this dream than in beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Starting with Hammer Stahl Cutlery and Heritage Steel Cookware, Tahoe Kitchen continued to search for distinctive products that would serve customers well, eventually adding additional lines such as Wölfe Cutlery and La Fiola Olive Oils.

After several years in the Reno/Tahoe area, husband and wife founders Devlin and Emily Forsythe relocated to Colorado in order to be closer to family.  They are firm believers that it’s not where you are but, rather, who is there with you that matters most. At this point in their journey, Tahoe Kitchen had such a loyal customer following,  the name had to stay even though the location was different. They now joke that they get to spend the rest of their life explaining to people why they are based in Colorado, yet named after Lake Tahoe.  

Our Mission

In today’s modern marketplace, customer service seems to be either exceptional or non existent.  Tahoe Kitchen Company strives to be exceptional.
We believe in delivering our customers the exceptional experience they deserve. 

We also believe in serving our community by supporting local food banks, ministries, charities and non profits.  

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Tahoe Kitchen Company

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