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Cooking is a way of remembering the ghosts of my past. Whenever I’m in the kitchen it’s a surreal experience that takes me on a roller coaster of emotions. Preparing food is a type of therapy and serving others is my reward.

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Brother Luck is a celebrity chef that not only pays tribute to his roots through his food but brings global inspiration into every palette and wows with his unique flavors and technique. And yes, that’s his real name.

With a name like Brother Luck it would be easy to attribute success to good fortune, but Brother’s is a result of hard work, determination, and passion. Brother’s culinary journey began in San Francisco shortly after his father passed away when he was 10 years old. He and his family fell on hard times and by the age of 14, Brother was working in professional kitchens.

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someone thanked me for being consistent. i love that – it sums up what we need to be doing as leaders: be consistent. hold yourself accountable to what you say you are and what people expect. a lot of the people who need help are used to being abandoned. when you offer help, be accessible. if you can’t be, say when you are and follow up.

Chef Brother Luck